Back Walter and Ally on Saturday

Last updated : 08 August 2013 By Mark Dingwall


The fight has started.  Punches are being thrown.  It’s time to pick a side.


If you have an opinion - express it sensibly inside Ibrox on Saturday with banners and chants.    The fans are the biggest investors in Ibrox - it’s your cash and your passion that saved Rangers - not nameless and faceless City whizz kids.


Whatever side you are on - remember we’re all Bluenoses.


McCoist is being used as an issue by Green simply to help him sale his shares - nothing else.  Charles is losing his touch though - wanting 76p a share when anyone can buy them in the market for 41p will have his backers rolling their eyes.  


Then Charles follows one PR disaster with another appearance on STV - where he committed directorial suicide earlier in the year with the same interviewer - and provided a rambling 30 minute diatribe hardly likely to impress hard-nosed investors when measured against the likes of Jim McColl, Frank Blin or Paul Murray..   


The triple whammy of media car crashes was completed at the Newcastle game when pictured looking like a fish out of water sandwiched between the Easdale brothers.


There’s plenty wrong with Ally McCoist, you can also blame Walter for screwing up Ten In A Row rather than being the man who delivered Nine In A Row if you want - but do so under your own steam not at the behest of slick financiers who love a pound coin more than they will ever love Rangers.   If Charles ever momentarily suffered a bout of Rangersitis then he recovered quickly when a handful of readies was waved under his nose.





If you wanted McCoist to go then the end of the last season was when to call for it.  Not now when we’re just a couple of games into a season.  Don’t let your frustration be manipulated by non-Rangers people to suit their agendas.


If he was to go it was the end of last season before being allowed to go recruiting players - most of whom will kick in properly on September 1st.


This season IS the crunch season for him as a coach.   We will win the league but next season we will be in a division where all the other clubs are full-time and the prize of getting back to the top flight is too precious to gamble on - even with Super Ally if he doesn’t show he can build a team this season with the resources available to him.


It’s ludicrous to demand a sacking now.





The survival and safety of Rangers is the bottom line.


Circuses are fun - but they always leave town.    


Chico is a very bright lad - “No Surrender” soundbites and tweaking Regan’s tail might play well with the punters - but when you’ve seen the act a few times it loses it’s appeal when measured up agains the circumstances of his having to leave the board and those of the Imran Ahmad sacking.


Choose a side - the battle has already started.