Anyone still sooking Lemons? Gub's Championship Cheer.

Last updated : 27 May 2009 By The Govanhill Gub
If ‘Simply the Best’ was our anthem for the nineties, then ‘Keep Believin’ has its own special place in our mindset in the noughties. I’m not too proud to admit I’ve stopped believing in the club in almost every aspect of our day to day existence.

One person I know that did believe was Norman Wisdom’s Zombie Clone from No1 fanzine. He told me to keep the chin up at Christmas time and that ‘the Teddies would still win the league.’ Frankly I thought there would be more chance of Susan Boyle needing a spare set of keys for her chastity belt than title success for us. Shows you what I know.

It was as delightfully surprising as it was unexpected, especially after the draw at Easter Rd less than a fortnight earlier, to realise that a league season that seemed to be running away from us time and again could end up so firmly back in our possession.

From the kick off you could tell the players were up for it, and that league glory was not going to slip from their grasp again. Then there was the timing of the goals; early doors, right on half time and then the clincher not long into the second period. My only slight disappointment was that big Boogie never scored to really rub it in.

It was wonderful to watch, although part of me at any rate couldn’t comprehend why a team so on the ball throughout on Sunday, could be so out of sorts for what seemed like large parts of the season.

Apparently it takes two to tango, so how funny was it that nearly sixty thousand yahoos, plus their little assistant manager rushing out of the dug out onto the track, were so comprehensively taken in by ‘Operation Tango.’. To the bear who thought that one up I can only say in my best Andy Gray voice; ‘Take a bow, son.’ However, Lennon’s behaviour proves yet again they hate Rangers more than they love their own.

So what now for the manager? I reckon, beyond all shadow of a doubt, that this title win is the most significant in his career. The finances and the infrastructure at the club, plus the meddling from the Chairman and his CEO come transfer window time, is a far cry from the club he managed first time around.

As expected he says he wants to stay, yet when I think back to the TV cameras panning in on him at Easter Rd recently you got the impression (rightly or wrongly) that he was a tired old man who didn’t want to be there.

If he wants to cock a snoot at his detractors amongst the Rangers support (and there are many) I reckon he’d be entitled to do so. However he should keep some of his contempt for the Scottish football press. In all likelihood, he’ll end up the season with the main domestic double, whilst someone else lifts the prize.

Thing is, the press really do need to make their minds up in these instances. A couple of seasons ago when the wee nyaff, once of CP, was coasting to a second title, Keevins and Co were telling us that in these situations you have to pick someone who has won things.

Of course this shower have previous when we think back to 1977/78, when Jock Wallace won the treble but Billy McNeil ended up as MOTY. Only in Scotland right enough. Rangers and their players should boycott this guff anyway.

Keeping with the press, BBC Scotland has done its level best to try and ignore completely Rangers title win, and that’s on both TV and radio stations.

Is it too much to ask of our management that this apology for impartial and neutral journalism are banned from Ibrox in the run up to the Cup final and that no interviews are granted with either management or the players? The thought of wee Dung being told where to go live on national TV on Saturday is a pleasing one. However, I very much doubt this will come to pass.

As if Sunday wasn’t enough of a hoot then the nyaff resigning from CP on the Monday just helped the barrel of fun keep rolling along. Once again, you have to ask of the press, when this shower start talking about ‘Celtic-minded’, what exactly is it they mean? As if Traynor, Spiers, Leckie and Co don’t know.

I make it Strachan is only one of three celtic managers to win three titles on the trot with the other two being Maley and Stein. Isn’t it strange that although two of this number have not been ‘Celtic-minded’ they have been wretched excuses for human beings. There must be something in the foetid air that hangs over that place like a nuclear mushroom.

So a season that was truly hellish at times; what with Europe or the lack of, Bevvygate, Lafferty etc, etc has been turned around in its head. I can truly say the cockles are well and truly warmed at this moment in time, but it would be hypocritical of me to forget my own constant criticisms of the club this season. But that’s for this middle aged fart to try and come to terms with.

However, to put it quite bluntly, it is anyone’s guess where we would have went from here if they had managed to snatch a fourth title on the trot. The consequences would have been unthinkable.

This Saturday sees Walter Smith go for what I believe will be a fourth League and Scottish Cup double. I’d imagine only Maley, Struth and Stein have won more. The really pleasing aspect here is that with the pressure now off, the players can relax and hopefully enjoy the day; certainly if last Sunday was anything to go by.

Believe me, they won’t enjoy it anymore than yours truly if my ramblings this season are well and truly rammed down my trapple.

Just do it Rangers,