Amoruso's Finest Hour

Last updated : 14 April 2009 By Erwin Ganghutter
Whenever I'm feeling a wee bit down - the past few years have hardly been a barrel of laughs! - I tend to stick on the last half-hour of that game, when we really took them apart after they'd fluked it back to 1-1.  Who needs happy pills when you can find a feelgood factor in a simple DVD?
As you can imagine, I've been backtracking a lot lately and, viewing the 5-1 game over a drink or two with a few mates, we reached the conclusion that this was Amo's best ever game in a Rangers jersey.
Remember, this came just a few months after Sutton had pushed, shoved, barged and snarled his way through the 6-2 game at the Piggery and there were those who took great delight in declaring that, having strolled through his first few years in Scottish football, Amoruso had been found out as a big bully who couldn't hack it when faced with an opponent who could take stick and dish it out in return.
But on that fine day, which might be classed as Tricky Dicky's last big result as our manager, Lorenzo had Sutton in his pocket, the Englishman nudged and kicked, he moaned and dived, but he was a bit-part player long before O'Kneel hauled him off towards the end.  And Amo even took time out to make his presence felt at the other end, moving upfield to head home the fourth goal in our landslide win.
These days, as our back line has a tendency to back off, often being caught out by bread and butter crosses into the goal area, I yearn for a commanding centre-half who takes control of things, making it his business to be first to the ball no matter who or what might stand in his way.  Lorenzo Amoruso was just that sort of player.
Sure, I know he was prone to fannying around from time to time but, when he stuck to what he did best, he was hard to beat…never more so than on that memorable day eight and a half years ago.