Altogether Now! - Dundee United Must Face A United Front

Last updated : 12 January 2007 By Killie Billy
These have been difficult days for all of us but there is nothing to be gained from raking over the past. Whatever went on to bring about PLG's departure, we have to place our faith in Walter to sort it out and make sure there is no recurrence. The past, even the recent past, is history. The future starts NOW!

So we should all be singing from the same hymn sheet this weekend. Walter Smith's Blue & White Army has been remobilsed, he is our man, only too quickly aware of the bitterness of our enemies, and he has already shown a willingness to face up to them. Long may he continue to speak out where others may have been inclined to stay silent.

With a real Rangers man at the helm, I suspect our club will no longer be such a soft touch. Those with their own agendas can expect no easy ride from within Ibrox. Walter knows the score, who he can and cannot trust and, knowing his contempt for the Queersie and various other self-styled media personalities, I expect demarkation lines to be drawn up quickly. Look out for McNee being the first to start whinging. It might even be fun to start reading his drivel again.

Above all else, we must make sure the new man and his players know we are 100% behind them. There can be no favourites. Each and every player who wears the blue jersey is playing for YOU AND ME, make sure they can hear your vocal backing, let them feel their efforts are appreciated and give them the benefit of our passion for our club.

There are many small-minded jokers out there taking great delight in our plight. They have gloated over the end of PLG's reign and they are hoping we fall flat on our face again. Division within the ranks, in-fighting amongst Bears and any undue haste to barrack the first misplaced pass on Saturday will only make it easier for our enemies to stir the dark stuff.

None of us expected to be where we are at this moment in time but that is how it is and only by sticking together can we hope to turn things around. My faith in the new management team is total, they WILL do their bit so we must do ours.

It has been a while since Ibrox was last heard rocking to its rafters. Sure, we've not had too much to shout about of late but I'm confident we'll get the sort of performance which lifts the spirits and Dundee United will be in for a torrid time on Saturday. I can hardly wait.

The next few months are all about getting Rangers back on the straight and narrow path. If we all pull together, the outlook can change quite dramatically sooner rather than later.