Alastair Johnston 10 months in to it.

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After just a short time in the big chair his experience, business acumen and ability are being felt in every artery of the club. And, outside of failing to secure a buyer he is succeeding on all fronts. To be fair, given the state the previous incumbent of Mr. Struth's chair has left us in was that ever going to be a ten month job? One thing that I do fail to understand is why he is not involved with the investment side of the business as pointed out in this article

Why not? And does that even make sense? I can only presume that they are talking about capital investment as opposed to controlling capital investment i.e. a takeover. Still doesn't explain why he would not be seeking capital injection. Oh, wait. I got carried away and forgot for a second who any prospective investor would have to deal with. That was a pleasant dream.

Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity...

I digress...

He has right sized the operations side of the club and the associated Profit and Loss to the satisfaction of the bank and secured some squad investment, for the first time in two seasons, simultaneously.

There is also the small matter of the tax issue that he has had to wrap his nut around. Then, of course, sell the bank on the fact that it is being handled in a way that won't have any impact on the repayment schedule concerning our debt.

From a marketing and retail side of the operation I would tend to think that the recent launch of the new strip was something he vetted before it went public. I am sure we can all agree that it was done with a manner of professionalism that has we have not been used to for quite a while.

He has had a positive impact on his right hand man, whether he was chosen or imposed, Martin Bain. Witness the quick, efficient handling of the Boston fiasco from his CEO. Not that this absolves Bain of all his sins but it is clearly a step in the right direction.

He has unified the three most important people at the club right now. Namely, himself, Bain and Walter Smith. Furthermore, he has given the manager free reign to speak his mind in public. Something that I am not quite convinced the manager felt comfortable with before. The three of them have provided a united front publicly from one issue to the next as the future of the club plays itself out. We, the support, may not agree with the handling or fully understand said issues but it is reassuring to see togetherness and resiliency in the men handed the task of steering us through this stage of our history.

Down as **** and I'm full of Henn'...

He has also shown that he was not shy of being vociferous in public. When faced with obvious consequences he spoke out regarding the Ellis situation and by all accounts he spoke very well at NARSA. Admittedly, I was not there but if anyone has an alternative account please feel free to share. I have not seen one yet. Not to say that supporters relations have been perfect. Not lending Broxi to the RST for the weans? What is that all about? Get it sorted AJ you know full well from the last 40 years that your key consumer is the lifeblood of a healthy revenue stream.

I suppose there are two obvious things to say.

Firstly, what else would you expect from a man of his experience? Personally, I don't know much of his 40 year ascendency to a seat on the board of IMG. However, suffice to say they are not really in the habit of handing those out to your average accountant graduate from Strathclyde University. Indeed, it is a crying shame that we did not have him at the helm the moment immediately after the penny dropped to the fact we were in such serious trouble. Seems so long ago now doesn't it?

A bottle of juice, the truth hurts...

Secondly, if he was blowing smoke about funding being secured for investment in the first team it all goes out the window. After having to endure what we have for years now I really hope this doesn't happen.

Ever the optimist I don't think he will. But, I am sure he himself would forgive me for being cautious in equal measure.

Sorry about the gratuitous hip-hop interjections. Its a good playlist.