A Vision Is Required For Ibrox

Last updated : 04 June 2015 By Grandmaster Suck

He’ll need to set out his stall and energise the support with a clear vision of the way forward.

A credible battle plan for promotion next season is his first priority - that is required to sell season tickets.  Season tickets are the gold dust source of money for the club, far more important that any other - a vast sum given up front a year before the final part of the product is delivered.

Nature abhors a vacuum - and the apparent lack of activity on various fronts has seen the vacuum filled by rumour and hysteria, even amongst those supportive of King.

Fans need to be enthused after a tough couple of seasons where they have been repeatedly betrayed and let down - by those within the club, within the game and within Scottish society.  At least we now have a cleared field on which to build.

The job King and his Board colleagues have is enormous.  The club needs in short order to appoint a manger, sign up players, recruit a Chief Exec, Financial Director and a PR team who have the ability and independence to tackle the job properly.  Add to that the refinancing of the club and the renovation of Ibrox.

Why the delay?  Roughly three months have passed since the EGM victory and it has been argued that much of the above could and should have been put in place by now.  I disagree.   The current Board are obviously comfortable that they have the financial resources to keep the club afloat despite what I imagine to be roughly half a million a month losses.   Everything was dependent upon which league you found yourself in - on that you determine your budgets and it sets the seal on how attractive the club is to potential managers and players.

Our Board is not composed of stupid people, crooks or amateurs - their plans will make sense.  But a word of warning to them - football is not like selling widgets: it’s showbusiness and it’s now showbusiness in the internet age.   Reaction and counter action come in a 24 hour cycle - the process of change has to be managed carefully with that in mind as otherwise the narrative you are selling gets lost in media spin.

King will only get one shot to get this right - if it’s a bullseye the fans will rally round - if not, then it will be a hard slog.