A new Beginning or another false dawn?

Last updated : 11 January 2007 By SCCGERS
Yesterdays appointment of the new Rangers management team came as no great surprise to most Bears. To this supporter it was the most obvious and best possible choice available. Rangers legends Walter Smith and Ally McCoist have returned to try and steady what is fast becoming a sinking ship. To me that is the key to this whole situation; Walter and Ally have put their reputations on the line to come back to the club they love.

If you trust everything reported in the media then Murray Park is a place riddled with infighting and general unhappiness, a place where professional sportsmen have no regard for rules and no respect for authority. In general the the picture painted is one that no sane management team would want to touch. So why have Walter and Ally come home? For me it is simple; they love this club and will do everything in their power trying to turn things around. They have left the National team who are flying at this minute to join the club they love who are quite simply stuck in a rut. They know full well the stick and abuse the media will apply to them, they will stick the knife in at first given opportunity (nothing new there then?). Still this doesn't matter to them, they are Rangers men. In my opinion they have quite simply put everything on the line to return.

Sir David Murray acknowledged yesterday 'Its obvious we are going to have to spend more money than we have done recently'. I really hope SDM it is obvious to you and that this time you deliver the latest promise you have made. I believe this is last chance saloon for our custodian, I mean if he is going to sell soon surely this is his last chance at success? He must provide the manager with adequate funds and I don't mean 3 or 4 million pounds.

Lets be honest Walter needs at least twice that just to make a dent onto turning this club round. I watched yesterdays press conference closely waiting for our chairman to provide the leadership we as fans have been asking for. When asked what had went on with PLG he answered abruptly 'I know as much as you do, you have written all about it, its in the past I want to look to the future' Was this SDM sweeping things under the carpet? More smoke and daggers? Or was it simply a case of Rangers finally getting tough with the Media?

It was almost a case of 'why should we tell you when you write what you want anyway' Could it be that Rangers will not be walked over anymore by the media? Judging by the way both SDM and Walter Smith left the press conference yesterday, it could just be that this might just be the case. We as a support still have many question we deserve to have answered but standing up to the gutter media would at least be the First step in the right direction.

So what now for Rangers? For me Walter Smith is coming in when we are close to rock bottom, he has a 6 month head-start on next season. We must be ready next year, the league must be a priority and Walter will know this. However that is not to say Im giving up on this season! We need to build consistency and remind everyone we are not the joke side others perceive us to be. We are in second place and consolidating this must be the immediate priority. With 15 SPL games left till the end of the season I would like to think we could go on a bit of a run with a few Old Firm victories in there also, just to really send out a message to everyone that Rangers are on the up. This is the dream scenario of course.

We also have the Uefa cup to fight for and I believe this is a chance for the management team to dispel all fears the supporters may have about there european credentials. For now however I am delighted Walter and Ally are Home. We as a support are desperate for the club to return to where they belong and I will not forget what they have put on the line to try and make this happen. Welcome home Lads