11 days of shame

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First we had the incidents with the Spanish police.

That's right folks, the one where we are to believe that those loveable rogues from the East End of the City were doing nothing and minding their own business when all of a sudden the Spanish coppers attacked without mercy.

Note the pictures of them (who did not find the decency to wash themselves clean of blood!) in the press pointing to the wounds and the question is "what did you do then?" The answer from the clammed up ones is "er, nuffin".

Compare to the slabbering rants of those loveable yet not quite normal rogues around any time it involved our good selves. In fact ANY time it involves anyone else they're up in arms. Yet whenever it's themselves in bother it's a worldwide masonic conspiracy. Dreadful Masons those Spanish police?..

You might say that "they are not normal rioters".


Next we had the drama at 20,000 feet.

Again the lovable ones attempt to tell us that one person merely tapped a stewardess on the shoulder and that it was all a massive overreaction. Anyone else of sound mind believe this tosh? No, neither do I.

Of course, it would be a massive overreaction if a plane was to make an emergency landing; fire engines and armed police attending the scene; and (above all) six arrests made all because of a tap on the shoulder. Someone's being a touch economical with the truth here ? and given their paranoid past, I know who my money's on!

And the irony of it all? They now want to wave tissues in a "mhankies with hankies" protest. Personally if found guilty, I'd quite like to see the book thrown at that little lot - all they have done once again is harm Scottish reputation abroad.

You might say that "they are not normal hijackers".


The final piece (maybe) of the jigsaw of what has been an astonishingly brilliant week for the rabid ones comes last night with numerous players lifted on a night out.

Neil Lennon lifted (unsurprisingly) for breach of the peace and then let go, with Bobby Petta and the Hammerthrower Twins still in the nick on charges of theft. They cannot even go on a nightout without coming across a conspiracy mix of reporters and nightclub bouncers!

You might say that "they are not normal hooligans and criminals".


Above all, take all of the above and throw in a heady mix of "astonishingly brilliant" and post-match huffy-puffs and you may just come to the conclusion that (to quote another FFer):-

They are not normal losers!