Regan walks while fans talk.

Last updated : 30 March 2012 By
Mr Regan was being closely questioned about the lack of practical help the SFA was rendering to one of its member clubs in administration.

Earlier in the meeting he had twice threatened to walk out when his point of view was being challenged.

The meeting with Mr Regan fell into two distinct parts. The first was to discuss the mechanisms for ensuring that the record of good behaviour by Rangers fans was encouraged by the implementation of standards and good practice across the board in Scottish football. The second was specifically to do with the treatment of Rangers whilst the club is in administration.

It was put to Mr Regan that whilst the club is effectively decapitated during administration it was unfair that quasi-judicial proceedings were being undertaken when no new owners were in place and the firm of administrators in charge were unlikely to have the knowledge or commitment to ensure a vigorous defence of the club’s long-term interests.

Similarly, it was noted that there was a widespread feeling amongst the Rangers support that the SFA administration was not impartial and that any sanctions taken against the club at this time were likely to be perceived as unfair.

The Fans Working Group consider that our concerns were put forward in a sensible and helpful manner and are therefore both shocked and disappointed that Mr Regan chose to behave in such an unprofessional manner.