Will the SPL scrape together a Dirty Dozen for SPL Two?

Last updated : 19 April 2013 By Grandmaster Suck



Following the vote against the SPL’s plan by Ross County and Saint Mirren the chairmen of both clubs have been at the centre of a campaign of intimidation and smear.


The SPL Rulebook doesn’t suit them right now but in the past when Rangers and/or Celtic said no that was the end of various debates.  Now that Rangers are out of the equation and Celtic are in the huff a clamor has set in to browbeat those who dare exercise an opinion not approved by the herd.


Last year all we heard was that Rangers had to abide by the rules no matter how harsh, ill-suited to the circumstances or how unfair they were.  So, what’s the difference now?


Having been thwarted by the application of their own rules the cabal which runs the SPL is now trying to use their proxies within the SFL by dangling a large monetary carrot to mount a pincer movement and get what they want via Plan B.


Plan B seeks to bodyswerve the rulebook - they want to create momentum for change without even a nod to due process.   Already the SFA has entered stage left -- right on cue like a stage villain in a Victorian melodrama offering to act as an honest broker to ‘sort this mess out.’


In the next week I expect the game-plan to be unfolded with the usual suspects screaming that change i inevitable, that because of the crisis the various rule-books can be safely ignored, that the SFA will produce a roadmap for railroading and that a rump of the full-time SFL clubs (most of whom are in a precarious financial position) will volunteer themselves for SPL2.    It will be a poker game but with the added frisson of a gun at the heads of those who oppose the cabal.   


The media fires will be stoked and anyone who dares oppose this dog’s breakfast will be abused and threatened with being left with the responsibility of killing Scottish football.


It’s blackmail.


I can well understand the very real fears of SPL1 chairman most of whom are running full-time squads with very few resources.  A £300,000 bribe will solve most of their problem - for a season at least.  But does this paltry sum - barely enough to pay the wages of a semi-pro reserve squad for a season - really provide them with a ticket on the stagecoach out of Dodge?    I think it is more akin to a one-way ticket to Palookaville.


In return for the £300,000 they would be signing up to the deranged 12-12-18 system with it’s convoluted play-off system which will decimate their season ticket sales, fan base, corporate sales and media interest.   The bribe appears to be a quick fix - in fact it’s a poison pill.


My advice to those SFL Chairmen who may be tempted to take part in this farce is to think again.   Last year we were told that Armageddon wouldn’t happen.  But it’s happening now for the SPL.   Do you want to lead your club into oblivion on the promise of jam tomorrow?