Last updated : 11 December 2002 By Grandmaster Suck

Rangers should never be a party to witch-hunting our Ulster fans, our predecessors as fans, players or directors. The attempt to demonise the club, the Protestants of Northern Ireland and our heritage must not be pandered to.

If the club does not introduce a new strip with some Orange in it next season it will be pilloried for introducing one this year and be handing propaganda to our enemies for years to come - they will trot out the line "Rangers had to drop their sectarian strip because of outrage in 2003."

Fair play to director Nick Peel who accused those campaigning against the strip of pandering to sectarians.

To drop the colour Orange now would be to publicly humiliate ourselves - show a bit of bottle for once Rangers. How many other clubs in the world would allow it's enemies to decide what colours they can and cant use in football strips?

Isnt it funny how the Orange in the tricolour is never questioned?

Isnt it funny how every journalist falls over themselves to twitter on about how it symbolises Protestants being part of the Irish nation?

Even funnier then that when Rangers use it as a symbol of our Protestant heritage and our connections with the Emerald Isle it suddenly becomes outrageous?

Why is it okay for Celtic to pay lip service to Irish Protestants but unspeakably outrageous for Rangers to use the colour which symbolises them? - the colour of the organisation which does more than any other to honour the King whose colour it was?

By constantly attacking the Orange strip the media are creating an atmosphere in which is okay to physically attack Rangers fans - it is witch-hunting and demonisation - they are legitimising us as targets for the stabbers and slashers.

By the way, it was King William who granted to the citizens of Glasgow the right to elect their own Lord Provost in January 1690, prior to that the Lord Provost had been appointed by the Archbishop. Some would argue that in the last 30 years weve seen a reversion to that state. But of course, Nil By Mouth would claim were sectarian for even mentioning that sort of bigotry.