Where's that team they call The Rangers? - Where's that team we all adore?

Last updated : 15 February 2004 By ETB

Our team is refusing to do what I expect of a Rangers team - that's fight for the 50/50's chase after lost causes and hassle the defenders and goalkeeper when they have the ball.

We can all remember our team from 9 in a row, who would sweat blood for each other, Gough and Butcher being a prime example, in our team today even Craig Moore has lost that never say die attitude and the rest are most eager to be subbed when things aren't going our way. In the 9 in a row era, there were games when we were absolutely terrible but fought our way to 1-0 and 2-1 victories through sheer guts and determination, nowadays we have a team that struggle to beat the likes of Partick Thistle and are outfought by every single team in the premier league and even by some lower league teams when we meet them in the cup.

The thing that really gets my back up is the lack of effort against the mhanky mhob, time after time our team start off the game like a rabbit caught in the headlights and refuse to dig in and produce the necessary effort to win these games. The past 6 or 7 Old Firm games Celtic have simply brushed us aside by brute strength and determination, things that our team of old used to have in spades.

We didn't need to have discussions on the way to the game wondering what team would turn up today, would it be the useless bunch of shirkers or would it be a team full of grafters who were willing to fight to the last minute! Long gone are the days like the 17th of October 1987 when big Gough popped up with a last minute equaliser against the tims when we were down to 10 men, this season we have seen our team deflate before our eyes as soon as the likes of Livingston or Kilmarnock go 1 ahead and none are willing to dig deep and graft for the result.

The only players we have who are willing to do produce the Rangers spirit are the young kids coming through our ranks, but sadly we don't have the facilities at Auchenhowie to produce 11 of them yet. Last year we punched way above our weight and with this current crop of charlatans and our financial predicament then we are looking at a good few years of being out fought in every department, the days are going to be tough but as long as we are behind our team we will survive somehow!


Stay True

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