What we must never forget

Last updated : 02 January 2003 By Grandmaster Suck
I've mentioned in the past what my memories of The Ibrox Disaster are. I still see both my grannies in my house crying. I can still see his (my old man's figure) emerging out of the shadows, coming home from the match, under the street lights, that dark, dank and `dreich` January night all those years ago.

I'm sure in just a couple of weeks from now, thousands of us will turn our thoughts back to that fateful day. We are the lucky ones. We, who only have to think back at certain times.

For sixty-six families however, the memories of that day has been there at all times. Has never left. The memories of those who never came home do not allow it.

To be honest, I have always given the Club the benefit of the doubt, when it has said that The Ibrox of today is in itself a monument to the sixty-six dead Rangers fans.

I want to stress though, that is a purely personal sentiment, and is of no consequence when compared to the feelings of the relatives of the deceased.

The fact is we must never forget. Forget the people who died. Nor should we forget the pain, sorrow and anguish of those who were left behind.

The Gub