Time for a wee bit of fight from the team AND the supporters

Last updated : 14 January 2005 By stan
Sure the hooped horrors dived, cheated and booted everything that moves (as is normal for them) but the sad fact is we weren't good enough on the day to beat one of their worst teams in a few years.
We can point to Boumsongs departure etc, but the sad fact is the
Rangers should always be good enough to beat that shower of cheating

Unfortunately I didn't get a ticket and watched the game in a friendly
house (council telly only me!), and it wasn't pretty by a long shot!  
That said, it makes for pretty scary viewing when you actually look at
how much cheating and gamesmanship the horrors get up to. Sutton has to
be the sneakiest "off the ball" merchant ever to disgrace the poops.

That said, we should be tough enough to handle that type of challenge,
and then wipe the floor with them on skill. Eck, when we get
replacements in, don't waver from the "match them for brawn" type of
logic, as that is there one and only weapon. Oh, and please please
please tell the players do not breenge into the diving bassas just
outside the box. The dogs on the street know that the only weapons that
the hooped horrors have is either route one ball, or diving outside the
box for free kicks.

Same old Celtic, always cheating.

I recently watched the Plymouth versus Everton cup tie on the TV and
was very impressed by the Plymouth support who, despite their team
being beaten 3-1, stayed to end and gave their team some great support.
Second only to the Portsmouth support who are head and shoulders above
everyone else in the support department.

The only reason I mention this is that it reminded me of the not so
distant past at Ibrox, where we all made a noise. There is nothing in
this world like the Ibrox roar and we hear it far too infrequently.

The entire Jean Alain Boumsong affair left me feeling as though the
glass was both half empty and half full at different times. After much
soul searching I'm afraid I've come to the obvious conclusion (well I
think so) that :-

a) Between JAB/Rangers (ie DMurray and Bain) and his agent, they
managed to work Boumsongs ticket out of Ibrox, whilst at the same time,
making the "right" noises to us the perpetually gullible support.

b) Rangers made a stack of money, over a short space of time on a
player who was always going to leave sooner rather than later..and

c) Most importantly, Rangers allowed one of the best centre backs I
have seen at Rangers, who had a massive calming influence, to leave at
a critical time of the season. I am all for financial prudence at
Rangers (no tittering up the back there!) but this action completely
undermined the team at a critical point of the season. It also sickened
the support who, unless I'm missing something fairly fundamental here,
only go to Ibrox to see the Rangers win...and win in the correct way.
That is the ONLY reason Mr Murray, please take note.

If anyone had the misfortune to hear the Radio Scotland debate on the
OF and Sectarianism you didn't mish much from a Rangers perspective
except to say that John McMillan/Jim Templeton of the Supporters
Associations, allowed themselves (and the good name of Rangers) to be
bitch slapped across the airwaves. I'll not dwell on this other than to
say that the programme ended and the Rangers and Protestants were once
again painted as the bad guys. Will we EVER learn!

Which brings me onto the current hullabaloo about nice Mr McConnells,
no substance, cheap vote winning initiative designed to tackle
Sectarianism. Lets just look at some of the more influential
protagonists for a minute.

1/ Jack McConnell himself - Refuses to even allow the subject of
separate schooling to be discussed despite the fact that Stevie Wonder
could see that it is a major contributor to lots of the problems we
have in this country. Oor Jack thinks that by banning dodgy flags
outside the grounds he has made great strides to eradicate the

In his defence, recent consultations with the supporters groups have
started, and once Rangers and the support get someone with something
meaningful to say on our behalf present, then I'd like to think
progress could be made there at a meaningful level.

2/Donald Gorrie - Now I may be in the minority of the OF fans, who
happens to believe that Mr Gorrie is essentially a well meaning, decent
man, who, unlike Mr McConnell, isn't using this situation as a cheap
vote winner, and genuinely wants to influence things. He is to be

That said, I was taken aback with an interview given to the Herald,
where it dawned on me how demonised and marginalised Rangers and our
support have become. He came across as a tad naive and falling for the
great "bad Prods" line.

An example is that to demonstrate his version of "dinner party
sectarianism" Mr Gorrie quotes the Donald Finlay affair, as if it
happened in the last few months, but ignores (eg) Neil Lhennon singing
provo songs at Supporters rallies...that sort of thing.

But most worryingly is the closing lines of the interview

"Encouragingly, I have gained backing from the Celtic Supporters
Association, who have admitted they are part of the problem, whereas
from the Rangers element, its been only abuse" Now I don't about you,
but that misrepresentation makes me mighty angry and MUST be
challenged. Who the hell are this "element" that Mr Gorrie feels are
representative of the entire Rangers support who give out only "abuse"?
Certainly aint the rank and file Rangers support who, to a man woman
and child, are better people that the hooped horrors will ever aspire
to be. FACT

3/Martin O’Neil

Racist and sectarian chanting - lies. We know it, he knows it, the dogs
in the street know it, but it is still open season on Rangers, the fans
and being a Protestant in general. Why isn't there one person, just one
in the media who would challenge this liar. He aint worth listening to
anyway in my opinion, as he is a discredited liar

4/ Neil Lhennon!...only kidding!

But, isn't it strange that McGeady hasn‘t been subjected to the same
level of racism and sectarianism as the bigot lennon by the Rangers
support, as , according to every so called expert, he clearly falls
into the category of a "target" for us "hate boys". Surely it isn‘t
just because that (as we have been saying since day one) that Lennon is
an overweight bigoted ned thug, who deliberately tries to cause trouble
on the field? Naa must be me!

5/ Press General

Herald - Scottish Political Editor -Paul Hutcheon 28/11/2004

"At last weekends Old Firm match, sectarianism flared up yet again"

No it didn‘t. Mon told lies to deflect away from the disgraceful
behaviour of both his team and their support. As soon as that door
opened a little, every single breed of vermin appeared to stick their
collective boot into Rangers.

Always Rangers for the obvious ones like Gerry McNee-Graham Spiers
(nice one Jimmy song fame with the Aberdeen support , as well as Davie
Cooper and Ibrox disaster songs despite it being pointed out to him in
the stands)

Lots of new wannabees appearing, and unless I've missed it, not one of
them willing to give the Rangers or the support a break.

2004 is one of these years that you just want to resign to the history
books for lots of reasons. I just thought that the Beslan siege, the
beheading of Western hostages, the war in Sudan and resultant
slaughter, the Stockline disaster, the Madrid bombs and the dreadful
Tsunami disaster still unfolding, made it pretty hard to be cheery.

That said, I'm still convinced we are only 3/4 players away from having
a useful first 11, who might just win back the league and return it to
its rightful home.