This Week's Fab Four Football Forecasts

Last updated : 27 February 2004 By Grandmaster Suck

A £1 unit stake is used for simplicity in the
foursome. Stakes can be adjusted up or down according
to the punters means. The minimum total stake most
bookies will accept per coupon is 50p. Therefore in
the case of the four trebles and accm below a 10p min
per unit will be accepted. (5 bets x 10p=50p total

This weeks foursome.


BLACKBURN 11/10 v Southampton

Nationwide Div 2

WYCOMBE 6/4 v Hartlepool


Ayr United v FALKIRK 11/10
INVERNESS CT 6/5 v Clyde

Suggested bet perm all four trebles and the foursome =
5 bets @ £1 per unit=£5.00 total stake

Trebles return:

Blackburn/Wycombe/Falkirk returns = £11.03
Blackburn/Wycombe/ICT returns = £11.55
Blackburn/Falkirk/ICT returns = £9.07
Wycombe/Falkirk/ICT returns = £11.55

All four returns £24.26 plus all four trebles @ £43.20
= £67.46

Top ten best of the rest.

NW Div 1

CREWE 11/10 v Stoke City

NW Div 2

Blackpool v PLYMOUTH 5/4
BRENTFORD EVS v Notts County
Grimsy v BARNSLEY 5/4
Peterboro v LUTON 6/4

NW Div3
Bristol Rovers v OXFORD 5/4
BURY 6/5 v Darlington
Chesterfield v MANSFIELD 8/5
YORK 6/5 v Scunthorpe


Dunfermline v HEARTS 11/10

All prices quoted from William Hills. If you bet
online why not help the site by using the sponsored
link below to Stanleybet (odds may vary).