The Wibbler and 'Racialism'

Last updated : 14 January 2005 By Ross
Lennon waddles around the park, wherever he is, kicking anything that
moves, verbally abusing players and fans alike and has been known to
make obscene gestures to fans. Is he booed for this kind of behaviour?
No clearly not, it is undoubtedly down to his Roman catholic roots!
Perhaps, Bears we can scrub that last sentence and replace it with
'wibble'. O'Squeals comments have been laughable in the aftermath of
Celtic's thuggish display at the 'Brox, however, there comes a time
when the laughter must stop.

When O'Squeal is given a UK wide audience and brands our support
racists and sectarian to the core we must fight back. The dignified
silence of Ibrox this week has been admirable, but the time has come to
discredit this drivel. The club must come out and condemn Lennon's
general behaviour, and more specifically his desecration of a Gers
scarf at the Copeland end.

Furthermore, in the face of such provocation from across the city we
should no longer be happy to brush the tunnel incident under the
carpet. Lets hold our hands up, Lovenkrand's embarrassed himself and
out great club with his actions, but that is no excuse to their thugs
assaulting him in the tunnel. And if Marty wants to talk about
sectarianism then lets talk about what he shouted to the Celtic end at
full time.

On behalf of Bears everywhere I call on the powers that be at Ibrox to
defend our great club and loyal support.