The Standing Petition

Last updated : 25 March 2009 By Stephen Taylor

You may have thought that the standing debate had gone quiet but the Pars Supporters Trust has been working away in the background resulting in steps being taken to petition the Scottish Parliament on this subject.

The aim is to get the Parliament as a body to encourage the football authorities in Scotland to re-visit their current regulations that require all seated stadia to be used in the SPL. This is not a matter the Parliament can legislate on as the all seated ruling does not stem from a legislative framework in Scotland.

It is also important to note that the PST are not looking for the re-introduction of standing areas to be mandatory, it should still come down to a matter of choice for each individual club.

We know at Dunfermline that the board of directors have said they cannot afford to rip out seats only to replace them, if and when, we get promoted back into the SPL. That is an understandable point of view in the current economic climate. It might, however, make it more of a possibility at some stage if the club did not face the prospect of being forced to replace the seating when promoted.

It would also greatly benefit clubs in the SFL that have yet to change to an all seated ground (Morton, QoS,Ross County etc) if they get themselves in the position of winning promotion to the SPL. Too many of our top clubs have crippled themselves financially building shiny new stands that are never filled. That is a complete financial nonsense.

Let`s not forget another major reason for bringing back standing areas is the clear contribution it makes to the atmosphere at games. There is no doubt that allowing supporters to stand does help the level of vocal support and it is easier to keep warm when watching a game in the depths of winter!

If you support the re-introduction of standing areas at our top grounds can you please sign up to the petitions following this link:

If you have friends or contacts at other clubs who similarly want to see standing areas re-introduced please direct them to the petition to add their names. Clearly, the more people to sign up and from a wide range of clubs the more influential this will be in persuading Parliament to take some action.