The Return of the FF Podcast

Last updated : 13 January 2009 By MDC
Those who are interested can still access the first two programmes at the following URLs:

A podcast is simply a pre-recorded programme available as a file for download or streaming, and will be suitable for those who wish to listen to it on their PC/MAC or on their MP3 players. It will be possible to subscribe to the FF podcast, details to follow, follow.

We intend to provide a programme about once a fortnight, looking at all matters football, focusing on Rangers-related discussion but also covering other footballing stories from home and abroad and associated matters of interest. The popularity of the medium is extensive, as a look at ITunes will confirm: the possibilities are limited only by the effort and commitment of the users to the podcast.

A younger generation of PC-savvy, technologically-literate Bears has to be captured, and (through chats with former players and fans of a greater vintage) the History of the Club can be incorporated along with a real chance for Bears to air their views about present-day issues.

The content of the podcast is largely up to You - we need your ideas, submissions and input: from jokes, to topics; from technical support and ideas to volunteering to appear on the podcast.

This notion of community cannot be stressed enough: FF has thousands of active users, and many have strong and passionate opinions - here is a good chance for you to get them across or help assist a project intended to give voice to the Rangers support.

The podcast will be recorded in Glasgow, almost always at the weekend.

ALL ideas, queries, submissions, requests and assistance welcome and appreciated.

Thank you