The Rangers Board Meeting - Shades Of Blue

Last updated : 29 May 2013 By Mark Dingwall

We all want clarity and safety, but the self-interest of some may mean that is out of reach.


Let’s deal firstly with the proposed elevation to the Rangers Board of James Easdale and Chris Morgan.


I’d rather say what I’m going to say before a vote is taken either by the Board or at an EGM - that way I can’t be accused to hedging my bets.


I don’t think either Mr Easdale or Mr Morgan should be on the Board of the club.


Whilst I subscribe to the principle of a discontinuous lifestyle - that someone can redeem themselves despite past sins - the fact remains that Mr Easdale’s brother was convicted of a £1.5million VAT fraud and whilst that had nothing to do with his brother we all know that in real life such things matter and can’t be wished away.  The scale of that criminality simply won’t go away in people’s minds.   It simply looks bad, sends out the wrong signals and will frankly be a point of continuing mockery for the club.


Mr Morgan has a reputation of being something of a corporate hardman which is all well and good in and of itself, but for Rangers it is problematic.  He is said to represent Blue Pitch Holdings.  Last year Charles Green described Mazen Houssami of Blue Pitch Holdings as being one of the investors.   Yet, another director told me the ultimate benefical owner of Blue Pitch remains Arif Naqvi.  So who does Mr Morgan really represent?


Further than that, Mr Morgan will be seen to be a proxy for Imran Ahmad who left the club in less than convivial circumstances and who was looking for a pay-off of over a million quid.


The proposing of both gentleman is of course legal but whether good for the club as a whole is I think another matter entirely.  





No, I think we’re mostly looking for safety.


The problem with outside investors is that they want a return on their money by hook or by crook and if that is best served by actions that damage the long-term health of the club then frankly few of them care.  They are driven by the internal rate of return.  It’s Rangers today, next week their money will be in Widget, Widget & Widget of Wisconsin.


The abiding message from the fans right now is that they want stability.





The current Board was constructed by Charles Green and Imran Ahmad - the fact that both have been effectively sacked by it shows that it can work.  The problem now is that Malcolm Murray’s indecisiveness has becalmed the club, if you then add in the bewilderment of the two “City non-execs” Smart and Cartmell at the politics of Scottish football then it’s not a pretty sight.


Ian Hart has flip-flopped from side to side on various issues so that proves that simply being a Bluenose does not grant you unlimited powers of integrity or consistency.


Stockbridge and Mather are often of one mind so they will vote together and probably for a compromise.


I suspect the current Board may seek to avert an EGM by letting on Easdale or Morgan but not both;  all sides agree Malky has to stand down as Chairman; and if reports in the ether are correct then one or two old faces may make a reappearance on the Board - but only if horse-trading over share transfers is making progress.


Walter remains the bell-weather of the club.   Like all men he has his faults - he would readily admit to not being a businessman.  Some of us thought he could have said more last year when the club was up for sale.  But I think I’m safe saying 99% of Rangers fans trust him - if he resigns then we have have real problems for the foreseeable future.


Walter is the one man we can absolutely rely on in that boardroom and he has to speak for Rangers.