The Pied Pipers of Timland

Last updated : 02 September 2005 By The Govanhill Gub
He was talking in relation to Scottish sectarianism's useful idiot at
The Herald, Graham Spiers, and his referring to his parents - both
God-fearing, good living, hard working, decent Scottish Protestants,
in the gutter rhag that employs him as "troglodytes". And their crime?
Well, they had the temerity to follow Rangers down to Old Trafford
on CL business two years ago.

Without wishing to be complacent - and it is my fervent wish that
Spiers is hounded by all friends of Rangers as long as he pursues a
living as a journalist, he IS Mr Flush Busted. Real Radio and Euan
Cameron have seen to that. The only credibility he has (and this was
always the case anyway) is with the sectarian, apartheid educated
bigots who use and abuse him. Spiers is the ultimate bhoy toy.

Running parallel with the outing of Spiers, without doubt, it is hard
to get away from the fact that Real Radio has given Rangers fans a
platform, denied us here in Glasgow for thirty years. It is also not up
for debate that 'Ian from Paisley', David and Stephen and then 'Matt'
from the RST have raised the bar regards the calibre and intelligence
of Rangers fan now being allowed to articulate on our behalf. And a
sincere thanks from this bear to those bears btw.

However, we must never lose sight of the fact that whilst Real Radio
has been a God-send and using that radio station is to be encouraged by
all Rangers fans with a brain. There is an enemy, a radio station, a
Scottish mhedia outlet that is fermenting in agony at this time, that
needs to be obliterated as regards all contact with Rangers FC. In
other words, as good as Real Radio has been recently, let us dare not
take our collective eye off the ball with what's happening at Radio

Be in no doubt fellow bears that this lot are on the ropes. And it is
not just a co-incidence for this bear that this mhob has stuck its
pathetic, puerile yahoo propaganda phone-in back onto Snyde 1 for the
'ratings' battle that now lies ahead.

Now, I'm pretty sure that most of you are aware of KPIs in the
workplace. I.E; Key Performance Indicators. The only people who are not
judged by these anymore are 14-year-old chimney sweeps and FF Fanzine
'articlists' and piss artists. Of which I am reliably informed there
are more than a few.

Well, fellow FFers, Paul Cooney, has been handed the KPIs that his
career at Snyde will ultimately be judged on. And, incredible as it
seems, it looks like the 'the ratings battle' is a conflict that the
Celtic-Minded propaganda merchants and apologists in charge of Snyde's
footballing side are prepared to lose.

You don't believe me? Well just look at Cooney's performance thus far
in the battle to win back the hearts and minds of the people who would
make use of the midweek football phone-in. All he has done (that I can
see) is bring in Davie Provan, a full time yahoo appeaser in print and
Radio Snyde anyway, to take more calls on a regular basis

You just couldn't make it up could you? Snyde genuinely believe that
roping in the guy who made the most preposterous
anti-Rangers/Protestant statement EVER in the history of British
sporting broadcasting, back in January 1998, is the very chap to haul
in the neutrals and the floating, disenfranchised Prod listener?

Oh, and did you know dear reader that Radio Cattolica's 'audiences'
have been rated/measured at 15-20,000 per half-hour compared to Real
Radio's 80,000? That is one helluva KPI to ignore I would have thought.
But hey, don't worry folks, Peace Process Provan is on the case. It
would certainly appear as though Cooney is loony enough to lose his job
as long as he keeps Snyde as a yahoo propaganda machine. But else
should we expect of the guy who said you could hear a pin drop at
Ibrox, on 2/1/1991?

Timmy and his apologists truly are beyond parody. And Davie Provan once
again rather proves that point (delightfully, I may add) in his News of
The Screws article of 28/8/05.

Provo is in a huff apparently because Celtic's erstwhile, roving bhoy
of a Chairman, Brian Quinn, didn't take Neil Lennon to task for his now
obligatory Old Firm behaviour at Ibrox last week. Talk about wanting to
shut the door after the nag has bolted?

Provo, if you're reading in, spare us the bullshit about Celtic
curtailing Lennon's boorishness. Ever since his snarling, narky,
foaming-at-the-mouth, Old Firm debut at Hampden back in February 2001,
(ignored by Wullie Dung) this republican rheptile has been a
Celtic-Minded work in progress.

And you do have to ask. If Provo was unhappy at Lennon's behaviour at
Ibrox recently, then why the vow of silence by him and the rest at
Snyde after wee Neil's shenanigans at Ibrox last November? Despite all
of the above they made Lennon club captain. That tells you everything
you need to know about how they view life and dignity at CP.

It is hard to know where to start with this lot at times. I mean, if
they are beyond parody (and they most decidedly are) then the concept
of irony just isn't in their Universe, never mind the mindset.

Yet Provo, in his haste to stick the boot into Quinn in the News of the
Screws, and in my opinion deflect away from Lennon and Thompson's
behaviour, doesn't have a clue as to the ridicule he has set his former
club up for. Protect the image of CFC? Do me a favour.

The bottom line is, Spiers may well be the present object of our
affections but there are equivalent, obnoxious strains of Timothyesque
propaganda elsewhere than The Herald and it's Sunday whore of a back
up. And we must never lose sight of that fact.

David Murray stated recently that the Rangers haters in the Scottish
media 'Know who they are'. Well so do we, and it is up to each and
every Rangers fan with a couple of functioning brain cells to keep this
fight going. One busted flush called Spiers is simply not enough. If it
is acceptable to go after Spiers, then in this Rangers fan's humble
opinion, the banning of Radio Snyde 'sine die' from Ibrox is but the
next logical step.

Yours in Rangers,

The Govanhill Gub