The colours they are fine

Last updated : 02 March 2009 By nybear
Hamilton keeper was wearing black and Alan was wearing tangerine which means The officials should have been wearing green. Our game against them at Parkhead again Boruc was wearing black Alan was wearing red and the officials all in black, this time Boruc should have been wearing grey, when asking the SFA or rather whoever answered for the referees as to why they have a rule in place which clearly states.

Each goalkeeper wears colours which distinguish him from the other players, the referee and the assistant referees.

I asked this during Motherwell v Them game were again the home keeper was wearing grey, Boruc was wearing black and the officials were also all in black.

In this case Boruc couldn't change as his rival was wearing what he also wears, grey, but the officials have three choices, red, green and black. I got no reply as to why the officials didn't change - except that both clubs were informed prior to the match and had no objections and the obvious choice for the officials was black.

Why wasn't the obvious colour for the officials red if Motherwell were playing in amber and claret and them in their every day green and grey. Looks like another rule the SFA has that only apply to us.

Watch the next time we are told that our socks clash with the opposing team and we have to change.

Black socks red tops anyone?