The 10th Follow Follow Syndicate - new spots up for grabs

Last updated : 23 January 2007 By Grandmaster Suck
The Follow Follow Syndicate ...
- membership spots up for grabs when we start another round of playing on 26th January.

The 10th Syndicate will begin to operate on the weekend of the 26th January.

Follow Follow operates a Lottery syndicate . For a pound a week you'll share in any winnings from a series of bets and gambles over the ten weeks of the syndicate .

You can join for £10 per share.


In practise over the last couple of months all monies have been spent on National Lottery and Euro Millions entries.

GAMBLES - the bulk of the dosh will go on entries to the National Lottery and/or Littlewoods Pools and the Rangers Lotto.

BETS - according to the attractiveness of the fixtures and race meetings we'll also do accumulator bets on the football and horse racing.

50 Bears chipping in £10 would see us cover the Lottery, Pools and Lotto (The National Lottery is the big money but the Pools and Lotto have a far higher chance of returning dosh) plus we could have an accumulator on four footy matches plus and the correct score of the Old Firm game for instance.

I take up the unused shares myself. If we have a surplus and it's less than £10 per member we'll use it in the 11th week with an extra round of playing. For instance the 2nd FF Syndicate saw 91 Lotto entries placed on 12th February as we've won £91 over the period of it's existence.

All members have a scanned image of the Lotto slips or bookies lines emailled to them on the Friday night or Saturday morning.

So, if you want to join in send a tenner to Follow Follow at PO Box 539, Glasgow, G11 7LT. Please include postal and email addresses.

Everyone who has informed me by email they are joining and paid up when I collect the mail from the FF PO Box on Monday January 29th will be considered a member.

For any clarification required please email