RFC Finances and the Future - time for the Club to start talking.

Last updated : 28 May 2009 By BdTS
I still haven't quite managed to come down from the ceiling after what was a joyous end to the league season, and with the Scottish Cup Final just around the corner, the possibility of another triumph remains before the end of what has been a turbulent season. Walter Smith and the players deserve enormous credit for emerging victorious from a league campaign that was chalk-full of setbacks, many of which were self-inflicted.

Despite the disciplinary and performance issues that marred different parts of our season, what has undeniably been the biggest negative of the past season has been the press-coverage and panic-selling attempts brought on in Janaury due to the once-again ropey condition of our finances.

It's not a nice thing to talk about, especially so soon after a league title win and it's certainly not helpful on the eve of a Scottish Cup Final to bring up these issues again. With that being said, I'm simply going to have to apologise for putting it to my fellow bears that our financial situation requires urgent and immediate discussion between the club and its supporters.

The club have recently sent out season ticket renewals with the hope that many of us will committ to a further three years with payment required within the usual four months or so. Being as loyal as we are, the response to renewing our season tickets has been well beyond the club's expectations.

With such unrivalled devotion to the club's cause, it is now time for the club to reveal what is in store for the next three years, especially given that many of us have subscribed to the club's plans for this period of time despite not knowing exactly what they are. Well, when I say "not knowing exactly what they are" what I really mean is none of us have a clue. Zero. The club's communication with the fans, in my estimation, has hit an all-time low, despite the half-hearted attempts of late from the club to make it appear otherwise.

We required £3m+ in January to cover our losses and were willing to jeopardise our league campaign to sell one of our best players to make this happen. We've also been told, mainly through the media, that the club is at its "financial ceiling" and has pretty much maxed out all of the credit cards. What was confirmed earlier in the year by Murray and latterly Smith, is that our squad will be cut to around 18 from 28, with any emerging gaps being filled by Murray Park youths.

Then, days later, we're linked with the Chris Brunts and Zak Whitbread's of this world, with 7-figure fees being discussed. Hardly awe-inspiring but these stories do tend to contradict the poverty stories the club has been telling for most of this year.

So to summarise, the club's fans got behind the team, as we always do, and helped drive them on to our 52nd title. The issues that remain are of paramount importance and transcend one season and one triumph. Now is the time for the club to reveal it's plans for the future.

.....and more importantly, now is the time for the club to tell us something different from "We're Skint". It's time for them to tell us, as the administration of Scotland's biggest sporting institution HOW they are going to make sure we remain on top in Scotland amid all of the financial issues that Rangers and Scottish Football in general are about to face.

As captains of industry, something they've reminded us that we as fans are NOT, these people, one would assume, would have the plans and the know-how to navigate these stormy waters.