Rangersism To Go - with Big Mac

Last updated : 09 January 2004 By bIG mAC

When joined with a West of Scotland Presbyterian upbringing, a work ethic and a belief in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, being a Ranger is how I identify myself and following them is the biggest part of my life.

My mood is directly linked to my team, I have never experienced highs like I get with Rangers goals or victories and as a result have never dabbled in drugs for artificial ones, no drug will match the highs Rangers provide and I know that. No downer will plumb the depths of despair following a week like this, but it is still Rangers that get you through it. Whether it is joining with friends to purge the demons as each disaster is analysed, dissected and argued over. Whether it is remembering the highs and knowing, just knowing they'll be back before long or even just revelling in the fact that We are the people and that they all know it.

In reality it is a combination of these things and more that enable me to cope with the emotional roller coaster that is being a Rangers Man. I have had the best of times following Rangers and apart for deaths in the immediate family have never cried over anything else since I was 13. I cry quite a lot some years !

It is the best social club in the world and exposes us to many different people with vastly divergent opinions on everything from A to Z but on one thing we all agree and that is we all want what is best for the Rangers. Again there are many ways in which we all differ on what that is from Black to White and every shade in between and it is this diversity that makes us the best support in the world, yes even the subway loyal exiting stage left on 83 mins.