Last updated : 21 February 2003 By Grandmaster Suck
In the past various things have been mooted or given a half-hearted run up the park with the concept of Radio Rangers.  We had proposals - I'm not even sure if it ever broadcast as a local radio station.

Then we've had on/off coverage of friendlies and  League Cup matches as one-offs either done by Rangers or by Radio Clyde ("our friends at Radio Clyde" as the club laughingly call it) going out on the Internet - as specials for the clubs - and then there's now the ability to get the BBC's coverage from their site.

Technology moves on and I think we should have a blast at using "Sports Ears" within the ground.  These small radio-like receivers have been given away recently at Glasgow rugby union games and down south at rugby league games to enable the crowd to hear what the referee is saying - particularly in rugby union with the laws around scrimmaging this can be very useful to keep track of what is going on in the mud and rain.

It is vital that the club both revitalise their media operations (in fact I think the Rangers News has become far more readable in the last 12 months and there's a lot of good stuff going up on the web - the main problem being not the competence of the journalists but he handcuffs the club functionaries put on them - and look at developing new media to put out the club's own analysis of events and provide an unbiased service - not something we can otherwise get.