Plans for fans to pay for museum met with disquiet.

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As these things go this is indeed a topper and a half.

The Facebook and then Twitter account of Jim Hannah today drip-fed some ideas relating to a proposed ‘Fans’/Club Museum’ in Copland House.

Plans from March 2013 were provided (alas without magnifying glass) along with the question: would you be happy for (some) RFFF money to pay for this project?




So a fans’ museum, paid for by the fans, for the fans, by the fans, with the fans, with the fans paying to enter, possibly to leave, but all the while safe in the knowledge that:

It would be a legacy from the fans to the fans/club for years to come, built with the help of our fantastic support.”

Only Rangers could come up with an idea that makes those passionately in favour of a serious, extensive and thorough telling of our wonderful story made to feel as if they are in the NO camp.

Jim has jumped the gun a little but these kite-flying exercises can be a good way to test the opinions of the crazy (read online) elements of the support.

It’s fair to say that hasn’t gone as well as might have been expected.

It’s also fair to ask just how much senior figures at the Club (let’s say for example the new Chairman and the acting CEO) were aware of and indeed if they approved today’s tease?

If so they need to answer a fair few questions.

How did it go again? We deserve better.

More to follow (follow).