Odds And Sods

Last updated : 15 January 2005 By Little Boy Blue


Isn’t it odd that no opinionated Press Gangster or self-important MSP on the bowling club committee they call a parliament has tumbled to the link between ‘shame game’ headlines and the result of an Old Firm game?

The cup-tie at the ScumDome passed off peacefully but, of course, it would do, seeing as the Scum Of won it, there was no need for any onfield fisticuffs, the ref escaped without a split bonce and his windows remained intact. Hey, Martin O’Kneel even praised the performance of Mr Bonkle from Dallas.

Meanwhile, I’m told Plod was very busy in our end and that a number of Bears are now facing charges for offences relating to sectarianism. How sad…but oh how predictable.

The quest for ‘equality’ has long since been hijacked by more sinister elements, especially within the Labour movement, and they will not rest until they are ruling the roost in all facets of life.

But they are not clever enough to go about their dirty work discreetly. They are brazen in their pursuit of their twisted agenda but one of these days, preferably sooner rather than later, the silent majority is going to twig to what is going on in this mixed-up country of ours.

Beware of the backlash, Timothy.

Back To The Future

News that Umbro will be taking over from Diadora in manufacturing Rangers kit put a big smile on this Bear’s face.

Although I’m not inclined to go about my business decked out in our away top (unless it’s the orange one!), it annoyed me considerably to hear so many tales of shoddy quality and poor after-sales customer service so, whatever the reasons for the change, its good riddance to Diadora.

Then I realised that Chelsea are currently kitted out by Umbro and, with their jersey being a no-frills blue job with the white v-neck, it occurred to me that Rangers could do worse than opt for a similar shirt next season.

We’ve had quite a few rig-outs over the years but none have matched the v-necked strip of the early to mid-sixties. It would be great to rekindle Ibrox tradition by reviving that outfit next time around…but knowing Rangers’ marketing whizz-kids’ ability to get things wrong, I’m not holding my breath.


Many fans found it hard to understand the reasoning behind a face-to-face meeting between Rangers fans and Graham Speirs, an arrogant wee sod if ever there was one, but reading the account of the little get-together on the RSA website convinced me of the wisdom of the meet.

The Queer One was left in no doubt that the tone of his work is unacceptable, generating much bad feeling amongst Bears, and various inaccuracies and one-sided reports were brought to his attention. Whatever else he does in the future, Speirs can no longer claim he is unaware of the effect of his output. He has no excuses.

Predictably, he was flippant when including the meeting in his diary page a few days later, sneeringly referring to those present as ‘my interrogators’. A poster on the FF website was spot-on when he likened Speirs to the classroom smartarse who. after being sorted out by the teacher, struts around the playground playing the big shot. It was always going to be that way but, by meeting him, the fans let him know they will be watching and, knowing him, he will have spread the word around the rest of the Hack Pack.

When our club finally sees certain elements of the Press as the shit-stirrers they are and takes action, the laptop liars can’t claim say weren’t warned.