Just My Suspicious Mind?

Last updated : 19 February 2003 By Grandmaster Suck
The system I would overthrow, but then who would collect my giro?
I was pleased to see in Friday's Evening Tims that the GDC are considering building a £60 million sports facility in the city. It is being mooted for the East End due to the areas high unemployment, whereas the other areas of the city are fully employed obviously.

It was also suggested in the article that it could be utilised by the mhankies. Now forgive my suspicious mind but could this be the reason that they have prevaricated on constructing their own youth academy?

How would public access to this facility be maintained whilst a private company had the access required by a full time soccer club?

Could the recent clearences around Buddon Street etc opposite the piggery be linked into the Machavellian machinations at work here? Watch this space!

Buddon Street

This wee scheme sat in between the non denom Riverside Secondary - closed by GCC - and London Road Primary, still hanging on but for how long with a falling roll thanks to clearances like this. This school is right in front of CP main entrance, prime location for Celtic, I wonder how long it'll be before council shut this school too.

Families will not move into an area if there are no schools and any other decent folk will scarper too when even more of the area is taken over by the detritus of society - benefit funded junkies and buckie swigging neds.