If you had any doubts about the Retard's agenda get a hold of it today

Last updated : 30 September 2005 By Grandmaster Suck

Front page splash reveals fans are outraged at at reference to Jock
Stein in a Ricky Tomlinson TV comedy where fictional football boss Mike
Basset describes his chairman "doing a Jock Stein" on him by died of a
heart attack. Inside the paper it turns out "the sources" of this outrage include odious website posters.

Inside the sports pages the phone-in contributions have three muppets
going on about supposed "sectarian singing" in the San Siro.

Traynors comment on the game has a sidebar article entitled "Siro
tolerance for hate songs" which lets us know that the Retard received
complaints from fans "horrified" to hear "Follow Follow" belted out.

Isn't it amazing how easily the Record prints stories and comments from

We must try it ourselves next time we hear the jolly craicsters
poisoning the air on telly, or conduct and audit of the no doubt
pristine vocal selections of Hearts and Hibs. I'm sure we'll be
afforded the same space and prominence?

The club refused to make any comment on the matter in stark contrast to
the excellent contribution made on the Real Radio phone-in by a
spokesman for the Rangers Supporters Trust,

He re-iterated the Trust's policy on sectarian singing, got the
website address in in full, pointed out the songs which were audible
weren't offensive, condemned the FTP brigade mentioned that some
supporters seem to be actively looking for things to get offended by
about the Rangers support and then got it up Davie Provan, all in his
usual articulate style.