Help required for Villareal display at Ibrox - volunteers step forward!

Last updated : 17 February 2006 By Jim Hannah
How can we forget the last display of the Union Jack and Saltires at the Inter game
and the Rangers scarf that went round the whole Stadium at the Porto game?

These displays were absolutely wonderful.

With the help of the fans - and in particular James Carling and Grant
Sandilands from the Blue Order who have been a great help in organising and
indeed drawing up plans for the past displays as well as this one - this will be a night to remember.

These displays cannot happen without the support of the fans who take time
out of their day to come along and help place the cards on the seats.

We need as many volunteers as we can get to help out. I have listed a
timetable below if you can make it along during these times, it would be
much appreciated.

Sunday 1.00 pm - 5pm Club Deck and Main Stand - please report to gate 19 at the East Enclosure.

Monday 1.00 pm - 5pm, 6pm till 9pm Broomloan and Govan, Copland

Tuesday 1.00 pm - 6.30 pm. Finish off Broomloan, Copland, Govan,

Wednesday 1pm - 4pm Enclosure

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Can you report to Argyle House Reception and
ask for Jim Hannah


Jim Hannah
Supporters Liaison Manager
Rangers F.C.