Hear no Evil, Report no Evil? SPL Delegates and Celtic.

Last updated : 11 November 2010 By shuntergers8

How many times will the SPL / SFA refuse to bring the Celtic fans to task about their IRA songsheet?

Last night's match vs Hearts witnessed one of the worst outbreaks of the pro-terrorist songbook heard in Scottish football in years. In point of fact one Celtic fan posting on a low-rent messageboard suggested: "the songs and chants last night were the worst I've heard since the 70s/80s".
So here's a question to the SPL's match delegate, Mr. Ricky Gray. If all the people who listened to the match on BBC radio heard the songs, if all the people who watched the game on ESPN heard the songs, if even Celtic's own fans heard the songs then did Mr. Ricky Gray?
If he fails to mention them, then we must pose a serious question: is he hard of hearing? Honestly, if he cannot hear those songs or if he just plain refuses to include them in his match report then he is clearly unsuitable for a match observer post with the SPL.
If there is no mention or recommendation what does this now do for fans of other teams in the SPL? Do we have to wait for Mr. Alan Dick to be responsible for a game before a team (just Rangers it seems) is reported?

On a slightly different note, it is interesting to see the rush to condemn fans who misbehaved at the Edinburgh derby, with enthusiastic calls and promises to investigate - how, we may wonder, goes the report into the conkers, coins and catholic choler at Tannadice some weeks ago?

A cynic, or indeed perhaps a realist, may suggest that if the disgusting Celtic fans can pollute the skies and the airwaves with their IRA-oke then I'm sure the Rangers fans - those most criticised in the press for some of their repertoire - can sing what the hell they want with no repercussions and no hypocritical mention in the press either.
Last night's IRA songs and chats were loud and clear and constant - it really is amazing that it hasn't been generally reported in the written press. Perhaps a general hearing test may be in order for those who report on the sport - I know that Japanese companies are well-regarded in this field and perhaps Mr. Peter Lawwell gathered some contacts on his last Celtic Football Club trip to Japan?
No more double standards in Scottish Football, please.