For our friend, Alister: in Memoriam.

Last updated : 29 June 2013 By

As some of you may know, a good friend and top member of the Rangers community passed away last weekend. Alister Campbell was a friend to many, and we at FF knew him well and had enjoyed his company and contributions since the early days of the fanzine.

People from the CRO, RST, TRS, RM and others who shared his love for Rangers and/or Arsenal had a little chat about how best to honour his memory .

You can read a nice tribute and a little background here -

He and his family chose a charity for his memorial, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

So, please, take a moment, visit their donation page, and if you can, give a little in honour of a man who meant so much to so many people.

Our best wishes and prayers go out to Alister's family at this time. We can't imagine what they're going through but we hope this stands as a small token in his memory.

Goodbye, Alister. You will be missed.