East Stirlingshire in the Cup - make it a Dads and Lads day out

Last updated : 07 January 2008 By Grandmaster Suck
A mate was scouting an Icelandic player known as "The Herring" who was on loan at Dumbarton during Ian Wallace's reign (good Bluenose was Ian). So I went along with him on a miserable winter's night to watch the Cod Thief. As went passed through the turnstile a lad with a clipboard asked for our names for the free half-time draw.

Freezing our nuts off in the wind and the rain the half-time pie, Bovril and chance to win something in the raffle couldn't come quick enough.

The Tannoy announcer gave the crowd as 162 people - "and these are Jim Smith, Bobby Jones..." and proceeded to give everyone a name-check!

After a giggle like that I was hooked on the Shire.

Since then they have continued to struggle and the fans have had major issues with their major shareholder Alan Mackin.

The Shire Trust has a large percentage of their support signed up and have been able to organise themselves in such a way that a compromise of sorts is now on the table - a new investor coming in, Mackin and Co going, the ground being sold, ground-sharing with Stenny for a a few years while another ground is looked for. So plenty of chat and hard work but everything still to play for.

The dosh from the game at Ibrox will come in very handy for the club and they are looking to maximise the effect - so have a visit to heir official website and you might care to pick up a souvenir or two from their shop or make a donation to their Trust.

In 1880, cricket club Bainsford Bluebonnets founded a football team called Bainsford Britannia. In November the following year the football team changed its name and East Stirlingshire Football Club was born.

A story not unlike most clubs of that era and today their fans retain the same sense of community as their founders and one that we might envy.

Next Sunday the Shire come to Ibrox with nothing to lose and a world to win - for most of their players it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and I hope they enjoy it to the full.

Some of our fans are showing a wee bit of disrespect to the Shire by swerving the game as they expect and easy game. I'd ask you all to consider making it a bit of a "Dads and Lads" day out - the tickets are cheap - if you take in a child the kid goes free. So have a think about ringing a few of your old pals who have perhaps fallen by the wayside and get them to bring their children, nieces and nephews and make it an old-fashioned Up For The Cup day out.



Rangers v East Stirlingshire
Sunday 13 January. Ibrox Stadium, kick-off 3pm

£15 for Adults, £5 for Concessions (16-18 years and OAP's) and Kids go FREE!

- Ticket hotline 0871 702 1972*
- Rangers Ticket Centre*