Craig Mather as the Rangers Chief Exec? Are We Being Serious?

Last updated : 22 April 2013 By Mark Dingwall

At a time when what the club needs is clarity, decisiveness and confidence the appointment of Mr. Mather will provide none of the above.

Whether it is fair or not the elephant in the room that some want to ignore is that alleged relationship between Craig Whyte and persons unknown involved at Ibrox, if any. Until that is cleared up then anyone seen to be associated with the recently resigned Charles Green is going to be viewed with the utmost suspicion.

That may be unfair - but it’s the real world.

Mr. Mather is clearly seen as a partisan of the Green camp.   He was brought in and promoted by them not merely as an investor but as someone who would reorganise Auchenhowie as a player production factory. 

The problem for Mr. Mather is that despite his £1million investment and whatever promises he may have been given initially he has himself been subject to rubbishing by the very people who brought him in.   

Looked at in the cold light of day his CV was deemed not to be up to scratch in terms of developing youngsters.  His involvement in a players agency business means his ability to conduct business would always raise the suspicion Rangers business was being conducted in his best interests and not those of the club. Again, that may be unfair but how it looks is as important as how it is.

So why have the club gotten themselves into this fankle?  It’s because the Board is split right down the middle and a compromise had to be made. I think it’s actually a fudge.  

Surprisingly Ian Hart is in the Green camp. You would have thought he would have gone with Walter and Chairman Malky but he has remained steadfast in his support of the general direction of Mr Green’s plans for the club.

Appointing Mather as even interim CEO and delaying an internal investigation by drawing it out will not provide a period of calm - it provides a period of chaos and uncertainty.

Despite winning the SFL 3 Championship there is no feel-good factor with onfield performances, off-field Charlie had frittered away his stock of good-will through ill-advised verbiage and alongside that we have the continuing and deeply-damaging guerrilla warfare from the twice-censured in a court of law liar Craig Whyte.

My contention is that in the run-up to the season ticket renewal period, never mind the myriad of corporate governance issues to be dealt with, an interim CEO with such strong links to Green is simply ludicrous.

This week I expect rather more goings than comings at the club and as part of that process the issue of a full-time credible Chief Executive should be top of the agenda.