Bears in Gabon! Help with strips for new club!

Last updated : 15 December 2008 By PaisleyProd
An acquaintance of mine is going to the Gabon (where Cousin is from) soon to help set up and get involved with some charity work. Nic is French and his favourite team is Arsenal but let's not hold that against him. He was recently working in Glasgow and liked the Rangers kit and bought a set of fifteen strips for a team he is going to help set up in Africa. It's good to know that interest in Rangers will no doubt be raised with the locals when he presents them with their strips. It's heartening to think that a charity project to help poor and vulnerable people may also get linked with Rangers in a positive way even though it's actually nothing to do with the club.

Nic states -
I am to create a football team that will be competing in Gabon. They are based in Cocobeach, on the frontier with Equatorial Guinea. I will present the Mayor of the town with the 15 Rangers outfits, the pump, two footballs and get a friend of mine to organise a tournament. We will have the name of the local 16th century city covered with jungle also engraved on the Shirts (Boutica FC) with the name of our non profit organisation. I will send you the photos of the team and the little party that will be organised at the townhall for receiving the Rangers shirts. This will be held on the week of the 19th of Jan. I will be there for the most of Jan.

Any photos I receive or updates I'll post.

For quickness Paypal is easiest so if you'd like to donate click the link below.


Many thanks for what you can spare in these downturned times. But if you can donate a few bob you'll be helping to spread the Rangers message. :)

Cocobeach is in the far north of Gabon.

Donate and you will be entered into a raffle draw which will be held on 20th December. The framed signed print of Brian Laudrup scoring at Tannadice was kindly donated for charitable purposes by The Captain's Armband who have just opened a shop at 261 High Street, Glasgow. Check them out ahead of Christmas!

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