"A house divided against itself cannot stand".

Last updated : 30 January 2003 By Grandmaster Suck

That's a lesson which clearly hasn't yet sunk into the skulls of  David Murray and his collection of novelty nodding dogs currently  masquerading as the Rangers Board.

How else do you explain the PR fiascos, unchallenged lies in the  Press and organisational f*ck-ups with, for instance, ticketing and  stadium access which have left the Rangers support and the club's  senior figures as far apart as anyone can remember?

And this at a time when Alex McLeish has reshaped a squad of previously demotivated underachievers to the extent that they were  unbeaten in Scotland until before Christmas, leading the table, have conceded only one goal at Ibrox and look eminently capable of taking the Title???

It is crass, unforgivable folly for this to happen and believe me, it will only get worse in the short term. Look out next for the low-level harassment of fanzine sellers by Messrs Dibble & Plod, the trampling of civil liberties that football supporters are all too familiar with.

"Follow Follow" has been sold problem-free for nearly 14 years in the vicinity of Ibrox Stadium, now all of a sudden separate pieces appear in the Mirror, Scotsman and Scumday Mail all attacking the 'zine. (The fact that known Yahoos like Yahoos like Gerry McNee and Rab MacAuley are involved is typical of how things are done these days).

The publicity generated largely by Martin Bain within Ibrox will, I  predict, be used to excuse a police bullying campaign stamping on  freedom of speech, simply on the basis that a few of Murray's  lap-dogs can't face unpalatable home truths.

Who would have thought a Thatcherite like Murray would choose  Goebells and Stalin as role-models for dealing with critics?

I do have faith that Rangers and it's support can tackle thorny  issues like racism and sectarianism effectively but we do not need  'help' from those who won't ever be happy with us or what we are.

Hacks like McNee, Grahame, Speirs and Leckie loathe everything  Rangers stand for - why meet an enemy half-way?

The plain unvarnished fact of the matter is this - Rangers supporters are now looking for the Board of our Club to stand up for them and our Club.

Until both parties recognise that we are in this together, then this Board is destined to go down as the one responsible for £52m of debt, two lost Titles and a break in the link between Club and Support which will fester and then open whenever things go wrong.

We only have to look across the City to see the example of that -  Demos in the Ibrox Car Park? The Club Chairman being booed as he  unfurls the League Flag? No thanks.